Monday, September 8, 2008

Grandma Dalton 6/29/31-9/7/08 I LOVE YOU!!! RIP

I found out that my grandmother passed away last night. She had be struggling with illness for a long time. She was talking to my mom about her parents and brother who had all passed on before her and she took my mothers hand in hers and just shut her eyes. I guess it was fitting for her to leave us on Grandparent's day. She had lived with our family since 1987 after both her parents passed away. She has been such a big part of my life. I know that she is no longer in pain and that makes me happy. But I am also extremely sad that she is no longer here. I am so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge that we are an eternal family. I know that when I see her again it will be a joyous occasion. May she be exaulted in the heavens and be at peace with her family. I loved her dearly even though sometimes I didn't show it. She taught me how to bake and cook and for that I am extremely grateful. Being that it was Grandparent's day she was on my mind a lot yesterday. I know that the hurt I feel will pass and I have my whole life to make her proud of me and I intend to do just that. She was a strong woman with a love for the gospel. She had a hard life but she still let us know that she knew the gospel was true. For that I am grateful.
I have more updates about the summer but they will have to wait. I am heading out of town and I am not really in the right mood to post anything else. Just remember to let your loved ones know that you love them!
Ok, I have to add just a bit. I am reading this book called "The Wednesday Letters" written by Jason Wright and I just read a part that brought more tears to my eyes. This is part of one of the letters that are in the book. I know that they are fictional but it totally fits in with my situation right now. I am going to change the names though to fit with my grandma.
"I know death isn't usually a time of joy, but as I write these lines I cannot deny the peace in my heart. I cannot deny that Grandma is free now. I cannot deny that despite the emptiness my family feels, our hearts know the truth. Grandma is where she should be. I imagine she's already passed through the gate and is walking hand in hand with her family. Now I know why the Lord took his day off on Sunday. That must be the day he personally greets his favorites!"
I just knew that after I read that I needed to add it to my post. I really do love my grandma and know that she is rejoicing in the fact that she is with her family and that she doesn't have to feel pain any longer.