Monday, December 8, 2008

Mexican Riviera Cruise

Our first day and a half on the boat and our first port!

Boat drill! I got in trouble though because I didn't know that you are not supposed to take pictures while you are at the drill. Oh well!

This is the sunset in L.A. before we left. It is gorgeous but because of the fires there were ashes falling on everything.

FOOD, of course when you are on a cruise you need to eat and that we did. At least I was the one with the camera most of the time so I didn't get pics of me eating!

Our first port was Cabo San Lucas. The place is just beautiful. We had a ton of fun. On the boardwalk there were tons of people with iguanas this was the biggest one we saw and Blake just had to get our pictures with it. The lady who owned the lizard kept trying to put it on Blake's shoulder but it only wanted to be on his head. I was trying to take a picture of it on his shoulder but it moved before I could get it! It was really funny because it was very content on my shoulder or my head but with Blake all it wanted was to climb up on top of his head.

This was taken with an underwater camera! The water was so clear. It was a bit freaky when I saw a bunch of little fish swimming not far from where we were.

This is our boat from where we were swimming. It doesn't look as big as it really was. There were 14 decks. It was crazy and we kept getting turned around and walking the wrong way.
The Cabo Wabo Cantina was ok I guess. We didn't eat there because there was an hour wait. But, we did go in and look around. It was really noisy and it just seemed like any restaurant/bar you would find here.
Some kind people stopped to take this picture for us. We really loved this beach!

This is a dead fish that Blake stepped on. Of course he had to pick it up. It was really nasty!

I thought that it was hilarious to see a Hooters!

This is the little hole in the wall restaurant that we ate at instead of Cabo Wabo! You could see right into the kitchen from our table. It was crazy! This is just about the only picture where you will see me eating!

Blake had to get a Nacho Libre mask so that he could wrestle with the kids. I think that he has just as much fun as they do.

This is the beautiful sunset as we were leaving Cabo!

This was my favorite sunset of the whole trip! It was just stunning!