Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jason Wright Contest

Hi friends! I'm participating in a contest to win free books for life. An author named Jason Wright has a new book in stores with a beautiful theme song by songwriter Cherie Call. It's about second verses in your life and I know you'll love it!

You can hear it for free right now at

I hope you'll visit the site and join his email list. He won't SPAM you (I promise!) and you'll be the first to hear about events, contests, and even get sneak peeks at his manuscripts.

And be sure to check out his latest contest and enter MY name as your referrer when you sign up! That's how I hope to win his books for life :)

Kids Skater Video

Here is a video of the girls that Blake made. His cinematography skills are awesome. He took all of the video and edited it. Just a note, I was not present during most of the stunts and for that I am grateful. Watching my kids do tricks and stunts makes me extremely nervous! LOL

Indoor Skydiving

This is a video of when we went to iFly in Ogden, UT. It was a ton of fun and we hope to be able to do it again!