Sunday, August 15, 2010

13 Years!!!

Well tomorrow is our wedding anniversary! I can't believe that it has been 13 years. Sometimes it seems like we have been married forever and other times it seems like it was just the other day. A lot has happened for us since we got hitched. We have four beautiful children, Blake has an awesome job, and thanks to that job I am a stay-at-home mother/part-time student.

We met at the CRC Institute. He came in and the first thing I saw was that he was carrying a motorcycle helmet. I think that riding motorcycles (bullet bikes) is totally hot. Not to mention that he was hot as well. So, since I knew the secretary really well she was able to look up his info for me (side note-I didn't ask her to do so, but I was glad for the info). I decided that I wanted to date this boy so I left a note at the institute for him. I wanted to know if he would go to a formal church dance with me. When I actually got to talk to him on the phone I made a slip-up and metioned his birthdate. He asked me how I knew and and at that point I was busted. I had already learned so much about him before I ever talked to him. I knew his full name, address, parents names, where he went on his mission, etc. I had to convince him that I wasn't a stalker. We ended up going on the date and that was it for me! I just kept falling more and more in love with this boy!!! That was in early 97. We were married on August, 16th 1997.

We have had our ups and downs as many couples have but I believe that the ups definitely outweigh the downs. Blake is my best friend and I will love him throughout all eternity. I love him more today than when I married him 13 years ago. He is such a strength for our family. I cannot imagine my life without this wonderful man by my side. He is my everything!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween #1

Last night we had our annual family Halloween party!
I was a Spanish Dancer and Blake went as my escort!
This is my mom as Dr. Crazy Bones. You had to toss ping pong balls to decide what was going in your drink. Also in the pic is my neice Megan.

This is my sister Steph as Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas and my nephew David.

This is my sweet Janelle as a witch.

Savannah was in charge of making the body of our family monster. I can't wait to see how it all turned out.

Blake has found a new love!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Today I turn 31~

I just wanted to post that my hubby totally rocks. I am not usually a fan of cut flowers but he knows what I like and he surprised me with these and a gift card for 2 massages at Massage Envy!!! I am so super excited. He also tried to get me a gift card for 31 Flavors Baskin Robbins. He went to two stores and they didn't have any and one of them called another one and they didn't have any either. SOOOO, he printed up a pic and gave me money for ice cream!!! Flowers, massages, and ice cream. What more could a lady ask for!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shelf Reliance is having another giveaway!!! A cool set of camping pans!!!

It is a sixteen piece cookset for four. They are polished stainless steel. The set consists of:

8qt pot with lid/frypan with coated handle

1qt pot with lid

2qt pot with lid

4 plates

4 cups

The set nests together and comes with a nylon storage bag

They are also giving away a Sparkie Fire Starter. The starter is set at the perfect angle to get maximum sparks. This makes it simple to use and great to have!!!!

The value of this giveaway more than $60.00~~~

Friday, October 23, 2009

Giveaway at my friends blog:

A blog that I have an occasion/obsession to reading is having a giveaway! This company sounds wonderful.

The giveaway is from the You should really check it out~
This is what she is giving away! A deluxe apple box!

You should enter to win also even though I do hope that I win!!! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shelf Reliance

Hey everyone!!! I just want to tell you about this wonderful site. It is called Shelf Reliance. They have some awesome products and wonderful ideas for using your food storage. You should really check them out!

They also have giveaways every Friday! I won a few weeks ago and love the cansolidators that I won!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Have Joy Blog!!!

I just want to let everyone know about this wonderful blog that I follow! Nikki is a wonderful person with great insight! I love to read all of the great advice and the funs things that she comes up with.

She is having a contest right now and you should really check her out! You can go to:

She is uplifting and informative all at the same time!