Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Southern Cali Fires

This picture is from the Associated Press. I just use it to show the type of work that Blake is doing and what the fire is doing to the beautiful hill down there.

The fires are raging in So-Cal. Blake has been down south working on a strike team since Sunday. He is working to keep people's houses standing. They are working 12 hour shifts and are doing good. Today he sent me this awsome picture. There are a couple of large cat preserves in the hills and they were trying to help make sure that the cats were taken care of. I love this picture the lions look like they haven't a care in the world. I just have to say that my hubby is super HOT!!! I love him so much and know that he is doing a great job!


Leslee said...

I just love to see these guys in their 'work duds"!!!

Prayers go out to the strike teams down south.

just us said...

Im having flashbacks of when we lived down there last year and had to evacuate bc the stupid fires. THe fire men did a great job.